Sirenia Mobile Context Manager

SIRENIA Mobile Context Manager

The Sirenia Mobile Context Manager enables mobile applications to participate in context synchronization sessions. It can invoke actions and annotations on other mobile or desktop apps.

Context Sharing and Synchronization

Context sharing allows applications participating in a context session to access information stored in a so-called key-value CCOW compliant store. The Context Manager  ensures that there are no conflicts in the information stored and that interested applications are always notified on changes to the information.

This mode of operation stands in contrast to point-to-point sharing of information via app-to-app Intents in Android or via App Extensions in iOS, and is better suited when:

  • more than two apps needs to share information, or

  • the shared information is complex and dynamic in nature.

It also fosters a higher decoupling of apps. Furthermore, information may be shared across devices between mobile and desktop applications.

Information in a shared context might require all participating apps to acknowledge the current values in which case there is context synchronization. This can be used to ensure that e.g. the same patient is shown/selected in all participating applications whether they run on a desktop or on a mobile device.