Consultation registration

Odense University Hospital, Denmark, Eye Department

The region has approximately 150.000 outpatient consultations pr. year. For each patient visit, the medical journal must be updated to register the consultation. At the same time, registration for reimbursement is done.

The region has electronic kiosks where the patients register at arrival by either swiping their health card or by typing in the personal ID number. Previously the patients would report at the counter and a secretary would do the registrations manually. With Sirenia RPA, the electronic kiosk sends a message to the Sirenia RPA robot. Based on information about the patient id number and time of the registration the robot automatically identifies the correct booking for the patient and does the registration in the patient administrative system. Registration is now done with significantly less resources and there is no delay in the staff being informed that the patient is arrived and ready for the consultation.

This RPA solution saves time equivalent to 2 - 3 full time employees across the physical locations of the psychiatry at The Region of Southern Denmark. Data is registered accurately and immediately at the patient's arrival providing a smoother flow at the waiting rooms.